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P-324 Monopod---My Surprising Find!

I'm going to share my experience with P-324 monopod and L-10X.

Should I choose tripod as heavy as I can carry? It makes sense before I use SIRUI P-324 monopod.

"Big monopod," that's my first impression on P-324, I felt a bit worried , as I once had a similar big monopod made of metal, really heavy. But then I found it easy to carry as it's carbon fiber. Just the 32mm of leg tube diameter makes it looks big, but it is, in fact, light.

Like other SIRUI tripods launched last year, there's also retractable stainless steel spikes in P-324, conveniently stored inside the slip-resistant rubber feet, for added stability when shooting outside.

L-10X tilt head is also a big surprise comes with P-324 monopod. It's not a normal tradition ball head but a two-way tilt head with super weight loading capacity.

In my use of P-324, I also found its useful function as a tool to support flashing lamp and make different lighting effects. This is how I use it: Fasten the second flashing light onto the tilt head, extend the leg tube, hold the monopod with your hand or insert it into the soil, adjust its length to make the flashing lamp one meter tall or above, and finally get the ideal lighting effect. Seems like common monopods can also do such kind of job, but P-324 is ideal for its lightness and loading capacity other small ball head is not available. Also you can easily insert P-324 into the soil with its spike.

General speaking, P-324 can well support long lens with big size, satisfy your extreme weight loading needs, really a vital friend to professional photographer.

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