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Outstanding Image Quality with SIRUI Mobile Phone 3 Colorful Lens Kit

It has been years since I used mobile phone for photography, and there was friend always ask me what brand of mobile phone could take a good photo, what photography APP was professional, and now one more question - what mobile phone auxiliary lens can get a perfect shot. Today the mobile phone market is fiercely competitive, and it is really hard to give an accurate answer.

For the mobile phone auxiliary lens, if you search on the E-commerce websites like Taobao or Jingdong, you will find there are various lenses with prices from dozens to hundreds, and every lens advertises it can shoot high quality images. Then, there is a question coming out - Really?

SIRUI Mobile Phone 3 Lens Kit

In such a mess market of mobile phone auxiliary lens, it still need some traditional equipment manufacturers to concern and join in, as they can offer professional products and their brands are the quality insurance. Recently, I've tried the SIRUI launched mobile phone auxiliary lenses - 3 Lens Kit, which includes a Fisheye Lens, a wideangle lens, and a portrait lens. Compare to Zeiss ExoLens, SIRUI 3 Lens Kit is not only with more options, but also meets the needs for shooting most scenes, also the price should be reasonable.

SIRUI mobile phone auxiliary lens - 3 Lens Kit, includes an 18mm wideangle lens, a 60mm portrait lens and a fisheye lens. The body of the 3 lenses is made with metal and mirror finish. Different colors of the 3 lenses makes it easy to distinguish the functions of the lenses, and this is also the reason why it's called "Colorful Lens Kit" as well.

SIRUI Mobile Phone 3 Lens Kit

Regarding tothe color of the SIRUI 3 Lens Kit, the 18mm Wideangle Lens is traditional black, the Fisheye is metal red, and the 60mm Portrait Lens is blue, which can help to distinguish the different lenses easily from the kit. Meanwhile, each individual lens has 3 colors for option, you can select the color desired when you purchase an individual lens.

Regarding to the appearance, the volume of the 3 lenses is much larger than those products on the market selling dozens of yuan. The whole metal and mirror finish body makes each lens feeling heavy in hand. SIRUI Mobile Lenses are with concise design, each lens is with SRIUI logo and model number on the body only, which makes it have a concise beauty.

SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Lens

Regarding to the lens structure, SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Lens is with 6 elements in 6 groups, Fisheye Lens is with 5 elements in 4 groups, and the 60mm Portrait Lens is with 6 elements in 4 groups. The 3 lenses are all with multi layers of anti-reflection coating, which can effectively reduce vignetting and increase the sharpness of the images. Furthermore, the view angle of the 18mm Wideangle Lens is about 96o, the Fisheye angle is about 170o, and the Portrait Lens is about 40o.

SIRUI 60mm Portrait Lens

SIRUI Fisheye Lens

To judge a mobile phone auxiliary lens is good or not, the appearance and the craft is a point, and the image quality is another point. This time we tried the SIRUI Mobile Phone 3 Lens Kit, and a free charge Lens Clip Adapter was included. Compared to the mobile accessories specialized for iPhone, the Lens Clip Adapter is more universal as it can clamp the SIRUI Lens on most mobile phones. The SIRUI Lens Clip Adapter is made of metal material and with soft silicone padded clamp for excellent friction and avoiding scratching to the mobile phone screen and lens.

Because of the universality of the SIRUI Lens Clip Adapter, we used a SAMSUMG Galaxy S8 to attach the SIRUI Lenses Kit for testing. As everyone knows, the Lens focal segment of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 is equal to 35mm, and the focal length of it is about 27mm. After attaching the SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Lens, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 can get a wideangle view about 17mm for taking a wider image.

View Comparison with wideangle lens attached.
Picture on the right was shot with SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Lens.

Compare the actual images took before and after attaching the SIRUI Wideangle Lens to the SAMSUNG Galaxy S8, the image view angle changes obviously. The SIRUI 18mm view angle can include much more objects in the frame, especially can offer much wider view angle frame for recording the landscapes. Compare the colors on the images, the color on the one took with SIRUI 18mm wideangle Lens attached to the SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 is still precise, and there is no color distortion and influence to the saturation because of the lens attached.

Shot with SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Lens

Screenshot with 100% magnification - Center(left) and Edge (right) of the Image

If you have ever attaching an auxiliary lens to a mobile phone, especially a wideangle lens, you should know have some knowledge about the image quality. Most of the wideangle mobile phone auxiliary lenses can help to get a perfect quality of the image center, but the quality of theimage edge is much loose. After all, the volume and thickness of the mobile camera has been extremely high, it will affect the quality of the image even just adding a piece of glass, let alone adding a lens.

Looking at the images took with the SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Lens, the details and sharpness of the image center is perfect, even the edge of the image is disperse, it's much better than the similar products selling in the market.

Shot with SIRUI Fisheye Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lens

Screenshot of 100% Image Center shot with SIRUI Fisheye Lens

SIRUI Fisheye Lenshas 170 degree view angle and can help you to take effective images. The SIRUI Fisheye Lens is with same actual image quality as the Wide-angle Lens - the image center is with excellent sharpness and details, and the image edge is a bit disperse. A lens with sucheffect should be good, as it's with 170 degree view angle after all.

Left - with SIRUI 60mm Portrait LensRight - without SIRUI Lens

Compare to the bokeh, the image shot with SIRUI 60mm Portrait is much natural.

Let's look at the 60mm Portrait Lens. With the popularization of dual mobile camera technology, most smartphones have the background blurring function for portrait photography, but the blurring effect will be influenced by the imaging algorithm and the shooting environment, so it would be difficult to get an actual blurring background effect as camera. Moreover, single mobile camera can not even take a portrait image with blurring background due to the limitation of the hardware. SIRUI 60mm Portrait Lens not only can zoom in the object, but also canblur the background naturally with perfect image center details for shooting half-length portrait.

More images below for reference.

Shot with SIRUI Fisheye Lens

Shot with SIRUI Fisheye Lens

Shot with SIRUI Fisheye Lens

Shot with SIRUI 18mm Wide-angle Lens

Shot with SIRUI 18mm Wide-angle Lens

Shot with SIRUI 18mm Wide-angle Lens

Shot with SIRUI 60mm Portrait Lens

Shot with SIRUI 60mm Portrait Lens

There are various mobile phone auxiliary lenses selling in the market nowadays, and the price range is large from dozens, hundreds to thousands of yuan.This may offer many options to users, but the image quality of them is obviously different. SIRUI entered the mobile phone auxiliary lens market with its advantages in traditional image accessories market. It can be seen that traditional equipment manufacturers attach great importance to mobile phone photography, and this also opens up a new product line for the traditional equipment manufacturers.

SIRUI Mobile Phone  Lens Kit

As a whole, SIRUI Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lenses - 3 Lens Kit are with excellent image quality, color performance and frame details. It shows that SIRUI was very careful about the image quality control when developing these lenses.

In a word, SIRUI 3 Lens Kit is an excellent mobile phone auxiliary lens kit, if you are a devoted user of mobile phone photography, this 3 Lens Kit will be the perfect option for you. If we really have to find a disadvantage from the SIRUI 3 Lens Kit, it would be the packing case that has no space for storing the Lens Clip Adapter, which makes it a little inconvenience for traveling.

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