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SIRUI T-2005X Tripod and G-20X Ball Head Review by

A recent review on Aluminum Travel Trips by compared the features of the Sirui T2005X and G-10X to other products in the market. We are pleased to see how much they liked the professional quality of Sirui products.Here is an overview of the report that can be read in its entirety at

"Sirui is quickly becoming known for their high-value photography support products, and we were suitably impressed with their largest ball head in our recent review.

"The T-2005 is the largest of the Sirui T-series traveler tripods, and the leg thickness and maximum load put it a bit beyond most other aluminum tripods in this group ... however, it still folds down to a compact size, and more critically, it has a retail price in line with the marginally smaller tripods from other manufacturers."


G20x ball head

"With a 36mm ball and separate friction and locking knobs, the G20 is the largest ball head in this comparison group, both in terms of its own weight and a maximum load capacity that is nearly double that of the tripod beneath it."




Automatic leg angle locks

"When the tripod legs are folded up 180o around the center column, just pulling them down starts the satisfying click of the spring-loaded angle locks. Each of the three angles can be easily set either by pulling the leg down, or pressing the angle lock button inward and pushing the leg up."

"This type of angle lock is used on every Sirui tripod in their catalog, so the convenience is universal to the brand. It also means that the design has been thoroughly tested at a variety of sizes and load ratings."


Short center column

"The leg angles on the T-2005x extend as far as 84o outward. With the included short center column, this puts the mounting platform just 5.1"(13cm) off the ground."

"irui has thoughtfully included an anti-rotation groove in the short column, as well as a bottom thread for installing the weight hook. This means the short column can replace the long column for regular shooting, with less overall weight and better stability."


Retractable spiked feet

"...the T-2005x has retractable, permanent ground spikes. Twisting the rubber foot reveals the spike, allowing use on slippery or rough terrain."


Construction and handling

"There is a sense of quality with Sirui tripods that comes right from unpacking the box and unzipping the substantial, well-padded bag. When examining the tripod, this impression does not disappear. All of the aluminum surfaces (which is most of the kit) are satin finished and uniformly anodized in a dark black..."

"All of the machined aluminum parts have nicely finished edges and fit together very tightly. For example, the gap between the leg rotation joint and the first tube section is so small and tight that they look like a single piece of aluminum."

"These tight tolerances contribute to a very solid feeling in most of the parts of the whole tripod. Every angle lock clicks in and out with ease, and while the leg sections may wobble on extension, they lock tightly together."

G20x head and platform

"This series of head has separate friction and locking knobs, along with the usual panning base lock knob."

"The 36mm ball of the G20x makes it the largest head in this group of aluminum tripods, but it fits well with the very thick leg sections and greater maximum load of the leg set."

"Beneath the head is a platform that is finely machined from thick aluminum, while many other tripods use thinner cast platforms or even plastic."

Field Experience

"In the field, the combination of the T-2005 tripod and G20 head fit nicely together in the tripod bag, and though they are the second heaviest combination in this review group, the short packed size and the very nice strap on the bag made it less of a trial to carry."

"Setting up the legs was quite quick with the spring-loaded leg angle locks and the very short twist needed to release the leg sections."

Holding up the heavy stuff

"The G20 ball head is good even for longer lenses and heavier camera bodies, and performs admirably with this larger gear in the field."


Stress test results

Leg lock strength

"To evaluate the overall strength of the leg locks, a single leg was extended and its twist locks were hand-tightened twice (once to lock, and a second twist to insure they were set). Weights were then placed directly above the extended leg (or monopod, for convertible tripods) until either a leg lock began to slip, or the stated load capacity for all three legs was reached."

"the locks on all three legs will certainly support the maximum load that is stated."

Vibration resistance

"Vibrations can make even the sharpest lens turn out mushy, blurred photos, and can ruin long exposures."

"...not all vibration can be eliminated, so we tested whether the tripod will dampen them or transmit and reflect them to the camera."

"The large aluminum Sirui tripod legs, with substantial ball head added on top, have a combined mass that reduced the initial shock being transmitted to the camera mount, while residual vibrations were gradually dispersed... the aluminum legs themselves do a very good job of controlling vibration."

Cold weather use

"The T-2005 leg locks remained easy to grab and turn with thick mittens on, and the automatic leg angle locks were a godsend when unpacking the tripod (no need to push or pull anything)."

"The G20 ball head functioned very well in the extreme cold, with no sign of stickiness to the ball action, or even increased resistance in the panning base grease."

Summing up

"The combination is compact enough to fit in most luggage and some camera bags, and is quite well built from aluminum. The tripod also extends admirably tall and has larger, 28mm top leg tubes to support a heavier load"

"The price and features of the T-2005 allow it to fit in with this group, and while the size will make it an attractive full-time tripod."

"Sirui has produced a very nice aluminum tripod in the T-2005x"

To read the full review by Mark Banas, please go to


As with all Sirui professional photographic products, the Sirui T-2005X Aluminum Tripod and G-20X  ball head comes with Sirui's 6 year warranty!


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