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Magic Transform from Tripod to Monopod , Sirui's Magic Serie

For better known to the end-users, here is the demonstration from tripod to monopod of Sirui M-2205,Magic Series.                                                         

First of all, you will find a complete original photo of Sirui M-2205 before it is transformed. Sirui's Magic Series Tripod is distinguished for its magic transformation from tripod to monopod which enables you to have both tripod and monopod


The original M-2205


First loose the Leg-connector

Then the leg can be took off

The inside-structure of the Leg-connector


Take the Connecting-Plate off from the tripod

And then mount the Connecting-plate onto the single took-off leg


And this is the monopod

Tight this joint hardly to make it more compact

The transformed Monopod

At the end put your ballhead on , and a complete transformer is done 

As you can see , the three parts are in a good connection

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