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Why Sirui Ball Heads Are Your Best Choice

A major component of a good tripod system is the ball head. It must be strong, rugged, reliable and move smoothly - especially when used for panning and stitching. It must also be able to lock in position and not "creep" down because of the weight of the lens. These are all key elements considered when SIRUI designs and manufactures ball heads.

Each assembled component of SIRUI Ball Heads is produced by CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) - the ultimate in precision manufacturing techniques.

SIRUI ball heads are made of aviation quality aluminum alloy 7075-T6 and 6067-T6 for long life and maximum strength.

SIRUI uses a special manufacturing technique that produces the support ball with tolerances to within 0.01mm of a perfect sphere. This uncompromising precision guarantees superior performance and smooth operation for any type of camera - from compact to 35mm DLSR to medium and large format camera systems.

The interior locking system in SIRUI Ball Heads uses SIRUI designed double bevel locks for outstanding locking performance and reliability. This is an extremely efficient, reliable interior locking system.

All models have a separate panning base lock knob that provides greater accuracy for panning and panoramic shooting. And the panning base is designed with a 360o dial for easy setup and stitching.

SIRUI's patented safety lock design allows you slightly loosen the quick release clamp and adjust the position of the quick release plate, without the worry of the camera accidentally sliding off of the ball head. To fully remove the quick release plate, you can push the secondary safety lock button* and slide out the plate or completely unscrew the quick release clamp and lift out the plate. All SIRUI TY Quick Release plates utilize this excellent safety feature. And most Arca-compatible quick release plates can be used on SIRUI Ball Heads (Note: safety lock design not available from other brands).

The custom anodized surface treatment makes all metal surfaces highly resistant to abrasions and produces a beautiful, professional appearance.

* Not available on SIRUI C-10X Ball Head. You must fully unscrew the quick release clamp to remove the plate.