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One More Surprise of HUAWEI P30 – SIRUI Tripods Go On Sale at HUAWEI Stores!

One of the newly hottest mobile phones is HUAWEI P30. Since it was launched, it has been a hot topic of discussion and attracts people to buy because of its Nightshot function with the SuperZoom Lens. In addition, there is one more surprise that SIRUI T-0S Series Tripods go on sale at HUAWEI stores.


As we know, HUAWEI P30 PRO is well-known for its 50x zoom in telephotograph. When it is up to 50x zoom, even a slight shake can cause image blurring, so it is difficult to achieve stable telephotograph in 50x zoom just by hands.


To solve this problem, a high quality tripod must be chosen for use with HUAWEI P30 PRO. SIRUI T-025SK Tripod will be a great choice for HUAWEI P30 PRO.


SIRUI T-025Sk Tripod attachable with SIRUI B-00K Ball Head is manufactured with carbon fiber to reduce its weight and enhance its stability and corrosion resistance. The excellent bearing capacity of the tripod provides strong stability in telephotograph of HUAWEI P30 PRO. Besides, the tripod also can be used on different surfaces.


After connecting mobile phone and SIRUI B-00K Ball Head with mobile phone holder, there are multiple angles for shooting with mobile phone as the B-00K Ball Head has 360°panorama base.


The stability of mobile phone is of great importance for mobile photography, whether it is in distant moon shooting, HD night vision or video recording, so it is essential to use tripod in mobile shooting for additional stability to produce the images and videos of high image quality and smoothness. And SIRUI tripods are qualified enough to satisfy your shooting needs.

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Not limited to HUAWEI P30 PRO, the whole set is also available for other mobile phones. If you are interested in the tripod, come to HUAWEI stores for an experience as SIRUI T-0S Series Tripods are sold at some HUAWEI stores.