Custom L-Brackets with Quick Release Plate
Custom L-Brackets with Quick Release Plate

Switch from horizontal to vertical position and keep the center of the camera over the center of the tripod/monopod.

Patented SIRUI safety lock design, that prevents your camera from accidentally sliding off of the head when you slightly loosen the Quick Release Clamp (to make adjustments to the positioning of your equipment).
Access to all cable connections and battery compartment.
Compatibility Canon EOS 1D X
Model: TY-1DXL
Size: 118*82*127mm
Weight: 169g/6oz
Compatibility Canon EOS 5D MKIII 5DIII, 5DS, 5DSR
Model: TY-5DIIIL
Size: 114x52x84mm
Weight: 91g/3.2oz
Compatibility Canon 5DIII,5DS, 5DS R with Battery Grip
Size: 105*84*135mm
Weight: 149g/5.3oz
Compatibility Canon EOS 6D
Model: TY-6DL
Size: 113x45x78mm
Weight: 93g/3.3oz
Compatibility Canon EOS 6D with Battery Grip
Model: TY-6DLBG
Size: 110x85x118mm
Weight: 139g/4.9oz
Compatibility Nikon D4
Model: TY-D4L
Size: 122x87x126mm
Weight: 131g/4.6oz
Compatibility Nikon D800, D800E
Model: TY-D800L
Size: 115x61x84mm
Weight: 79g/2.8oz
Compatibility Nikon D750
Model: TY-D750L
Size: 106x54x82mm
Weight: 100g/3.5oz
Compatibility Nikon D600
Model: TY-D600L
Size: 110x61x79mm
Weight: 70g/2.5oz
Compatibility Sony Alpha
Model: TY-A7IIL
Size: 100x42x60mm
Weight: 100g/3.5oz
Compatibility Fuji X-T1
Model: TY-XT1L
Size: 140x55x69mm
Weight: 110g/3.9oz
Compatibility Sony A6300
Model: TY-A6300L
Size: 93x38x53mm
Weight: 70g/2.5oz
Compatibility Fuji X-Pro2
Model: TY-X-Pro2L
Size: 152.5x52.2x65mm
Weight: 100g/3.5oz
Compatibility Fuji X-T10
Model: TY-X-T10L
Size: 131x50.1x63mm
Weight: 113g/4.0oz
Compatibility Nikon D5
Model: TY-D5L
Size: 122.4x114x89.5mm
Weight: 140g/4.9oz
Compatibility Nikon D500
Model: TY-D500L
Size: 102.8x85.5x49.5mm
Weight: 113g/4.0oz
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